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The SOS Sport Solar Cooker

by Joy Orton
(Sun City, Az)

I recently purchased an SOS Sport because of the light weight and ease of use without panels.

I originally got it for RV'ing so as not to heat up the RV, but in testing it at home we discovered that here in Az it simply is the greatest way to cook dinner meals. And even on BBQ days we usually put some sweet potatoes to baking. We have become addicted to them as they taste so sweet in the Solar Cooker.
I've only had the SOS for a few months in the summer and I can't speak for other climates But the SOS Sport is amazing here in AZ. Since it is doing well at sunup and sundown I'm assuming it will still be good for many months without the reflectors. But even if not it keeps me from heating up the house when cooking something and then spending the AC money to cool it back down.

It did work Great for RV'ing in our Recent trip to Durango Col. The lightweight and robust capacity is a huge plus.

The only thing I have so far been disappointed with is that casseroles topped with grated cheddar turn dark brown and rubbery.
This is corrected if some other food is placed over the tops of the cheese. I have also had this issue with slow cookers so I don't think it is particular to the cooker. Just the longer cooking time and lower temperature.

Bisquick Impossible Pies turn out BETTER than a regular oven!

I still have yet to try baking Bread. But from what I have seen it should be a treat.
I can Highly recommend the SOS Sport, and I am so glad it introduced me to Solar cooking.I'm now shopping for a high temperature parabolic for doing fry bread, my favorite Southwestern treat.


Thank you Joy,

This is a very positive review of your SOS Sport Solar Oven, I'm glad you are enjoying it.

We very much enjoy using our Sport as well, and even though we have seven solar cookers we use the Sport just as much as any other.

You noticed the "issue" with the cheese on casseroles. We have had the same issue as well.
To remedy this we have placed a bit of parchment paper over the top of the casserole, or have used a dark cookie sheet inverted over the casserole dish and this seems to help reduce the discoloration, etc. of the cheese.

One last item, if I may?

I would direct you to the two parabolic solar cookers that we carry on our site if you are searching for a good "frying" solar cooker. Solar Burner Parabolic and Cookup200

Oh, one last thing, If you would like to share your Bisquick Pie recipe we would love to try it.

Happy Solar Cooking


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