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Tiny Tech Parabolic Portable?

by David Swanson


Is the Tiny Tech Parabolic reasonably portable? As much as the Solar Burner?

I’m looking at RV use and would like a parabolic that I can break down to move attached to a roof or outside back wall of a 34’ motor home.

David Swanson, Wisconsin


Greetings David,

Thank you for visiting our site and for your inquiry.

In my opinion, I think that the Tiny Tech Parabolic is just as portable as the Solar Burner Parabolic.
In some ways the Tiny Tech is easier to transport on or in a vehicle as well as move around on the ground when set up than is the Solar Burner.
But, I will say that I find the Solar Burner no problem for me to transport as you may have seen in our site video

I will say though that there is no perfect parabolic out there yet when it comes to portability, compactness etc.
Some day we hope to have one, but in the meantime the two that we offer work and function just fine for what they were intended for.

The Tiny Tech is a great solar parabolic cooker and has some advantages that my wife really likes over the Solar Burner which I indicate on our Tiny Tech page on our site.

Yes, I believe you could transport it on, or in, your RV without too much problem. In fact I know a guy who lives out of his RV and he owns a Tiny Tech.
Now, I don't know how often he might disassemble it to transport it, but he does use his all of the time as a full time RVer.

The TT parabola, or the dish (curved) part of the cooker, can be separated from the base, or stand, by just undoing two screws on each side of the support arms where the parabola is joined to the base.
This would allow you to hang the parabola (dish) from the back of the RV or even place it on top of the RV with the opening of the dish facing downward in the same manner that I do so with the Solar Burner and then the stand, or base, can be transported any where you wish, inside or outside of your RV.
The stand could be strapped even on top of the RV since it would not affect wind drag nor be affected by wind since it is quite thin.

Those are my opinions and observations on the feasibility of transporting the Tiny Tech, but then again I have always been proactive by nature and will always try to make things work for my purposes when the need arises.

In regards to storage of the parabolic when you have it set up next to your RV, you can just cover it with a blanket, sheet, or tarp to keep it from getting so dusty or exposed to the elements.
I have a customer in Salt Lake city who has maintained his parabolic outside of his business under a tarp so that he can use it whenever he wishes...and he uses it a lot.

I hope this information is helpful in making your decision.


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Apr 24, 2019
SunPlicity Libertad cooker--truly a managably portable parabolic cooker NEW
by: Anonymous

I believe the Libertad made in France ( is the first totally transportable parabolic cooker. It's light enough and collapses down to a very small package, easily bungee-corded to a backpack or bike carrier rack, and will cook food enough for two people in under an hour. I am on my 3rd Sunplicity cooker and as family budget permits, I'll be adding another. It's about $400 or $550 euros ordered from their web site, comparable to the prices for larger vehicle-portable-only parabaolics. TFurther, the inventor has eliminated all plastics and non-recylceable parts from his cooker, on principle.

Luther Krueger, Minneapolis
(and "solkoksfantast" or, solar cooking maniac, according to the Solar COoking WOrld Network! :)

Dec 08, 2010
by: Brad

This post encapsulated many things that I have also wished. The first being easier portability in parabolics. While my ASSC solar oven is fantastic in its performance/portability, the quick cooking achievable from parabolics is often also needed. I like every commercial solar oven, (i.e. the Hotpot, Sun Oven International, SOS) and they are all a little different, but not a "burner" like my parabolic dish. Sure my dish is portable, but not nearly as portable as one would like. Saw this particular concept by an Israeli design student, and thought, "why not?"

Does anyone make this? No. Why not? It's logical and would be great for RV'ers, campers, etc.

So, I've been personally working on a hybrid oven/burner using hybrid parabolics, which cost less than 10 bucks to construct. I finished my first test version, and will be posting instructions, results, pictures, etc. on this website (in order to win a solar cooker...of course, but more importantly, to empower others).

Keep checking back. I figure I'll have it posted within the next few weeks.

Thanks for this site Nathan, and for your excellent customer service.


Greetings again Brad,

It looks like your hard at it again...coming up with great solar cooking advances and ideas.

Keep up the great work and we will be anxiously awaiting news of any further developments from you.

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