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Wanted Dead or. . .Dead!

by Joyce Lee
(S UT)

Desert Rat so common in our area

Desert Rat so common in our area

Warning: The Following Post And Pictures Are Pretty Graphic If You Are Squeamish About Such Things! Might Want To Skip This Post!

My Husband And I Have Been Living Off Grid In This Wonderful Spot In The Desert For Almost 4 Years Now And We Have Learned A Thing Or Seven!

Mostly, When You Set Up A Household In The Middle Of The Creatures That Were There First, Expect Frequent Visits From Your Native Neighbors.

However, These Neighbors Are Very Bad Mannered. They Mostly Only Come To Visit At Night, Steal Shiny And Interesting Things, Chew Up Whatever They Can Get their Teeth on Including Wires And The Trailer Skirting. Worst Of All, They Carry Disease And I'm Not A Fan Of Illness Or Dying!

This Spring And Summer So Far Has Been The Worst Outbreak Of Them Yet And We Have Thrown Every Resource At Them We Can Find. Including Leaving Buckets Of Water Around The Yard So They Fall In And Drown. In The Winter, They Drown And Freeze! Pretty Freaky But The Ravens And Hawks Have Learned Where Breakfast Is!

They Are Eating My Garden A Plant Or 2 A Night. They Even Ate My Bug Control Planted Marigolds And Lavender.

I Heard Them Building A nest Under The 5Th Wheel A Few Weeks Ago, About 4 In The Morning, And Went Running Outside And Ended Up Stoning A Couple Of Big Kangaroo Rats To Death.

So, I Need To Know If Any Of The Rest Of You Out There Living In The Western Deserts Have Run Into This Problem. What Have You Tried?

Successes And Epic Fails! Share With Me Please.

I Need To Know We Aren't Alone With These Creepy Critters!

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Aug 29, 2015
A year later we've learned. . .
by: Anonymous

Just want you all to know that it works really well to leave buckets about a third full of water sitting around at night and in the morning you will have multiple drowned rats! You toss them a ways off and the hawks and ravens will come pick up the delivery and be back every day for more!

Jun 13, 2014
death to rats
by: Mark Rosenberg

You can use rat traps with peanut butter on them as long as the chickens cant get to them. Also vinegar or Tabasco pepper sauce mixture in a sprayer on the areas and plants that they frequent.

Jun 13, 2014
great ideas! keep them coming!
by: Joyce Lee

Hahaha Cal! I Guess PETA Wouldn't Get Mad At Me For A Rat Fur Coat! But I Don't Know How Keen I Am Having To Pick Fleas And Mites Off My Coat.

Mark, We Have King, And Rattlesnakes A Plenty Out Here. And I Don't Dare Put Poisoned Bait Or Antifreeze Out Because We Free Range Our Chickens.
And Eeew, No To Cooking Them! But Keep Those Ideas Coming!

Jun 12, 2014
by: Cal Griggs

You know if you can get enough of them you could make a really warm winter coat :-)

Jun 12, 2014
death to rats
by: Mark Rosenberg

Capture some gopher snakes or king snakes introduce them to the food source area. You can also get some cats or even go with poison seeds. Antifreeze will work to. Shoot them find there nests and destroy them. Plus we can solar cook them.

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