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What angles sre the side solar panels cut?

by Bill
(Tulsa, Ok USA)

At what angles do you cut the 4 side panels for a box solar oven? Also at what angle do the solar panels sit to direct the suns rays to the box below to do the best job?


Greetings Bill,

Thank you for visiting our site and for your great question.
I am not quite sure by what you mean with "cutting the side panels".

I will start of by saying that usually most reflector panels on a box style cooker, similar to the design of a Global Sun Oven, will be set at around a 60 degree angle from the face or opening of the box, but there are those designs where you can make the panels more flexible (30-60 degrees) in their movement so that you can adjust the panels according to your needs and according to the location of the sun in the sky.

A cooker with panels set similar in design to the Global Sun Oven could be described as a; sort of "catch all" type of system so that you do not have to adjust your reflector panels as often since they are "open" to more of the suns rays.

There are several homemade solar cooker designs that work in this way.

The Bill Becker solar oven, The All Season Solar Cooker and others which links are found on this page.

There are also many designs that work with the adjusting panels system such as the commercially manufactured Tulsi Hybrid Solar Oven and the fine Sun Cook Solar Oven From Portugal (found here on our website) as well as many homemade style solar box cookers that work on the same design principal such as the Minimum Solar Cooker, found on the above mentioned link.

I hope this is helpful to you.


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Sep 21, 2011
Angle for reflectors
by: Jim La Joie

In my experience, maximum efficiency is achieved when the sun light has a 30º incidence angle to the reflector. That means that the reflector is set at 60º to the face glazing of the cooker. E.G. the Global Sun Oven. The 30º angle lets the sun see the greatest amount of your reflector while still sending all the reflected light into the cooker.
For adjustable cookers such as the ASSC, the design is not concerned with the the angle of the cooking area to the reflector, but rather with the angle of the reflector to the sun .
Any cooker that is optimally focused will have all of its reflectors receiving sunlight at 30º


Well said Jim, Better than I could explain it.


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