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What my fiancée says about solar cooking

by Cookie
(Sanford, NC)

I made some corn bread in my oven the other day and brought it in and set in on the stove. My fiancée walks up and cuts a piece and says to me 'I didn't know you where baking.' I told him then that it was made in the solar oven and he took a bite. Savoring it he turned to me and said 'I love it when you cook in the solar cooker. Everything tastes so much better. Like it has the love of the sun in it. Much better than the oven.' he said, pointing to the stove. It's true though. Everything that I have ever made in my GSO tastes so much better than when I have to cook indoors during bad weather. So even my beau gets excited when I pull out my GSO in sunny days now. Cause he knows he gets to sample my delicious concoctions, and he loves to eat!


Solar Cooker greetings again,

It sounds like you know the way to a mans heart...through his stomach; and solar cooking it to boot.
And yes, he is right, many solar cooked foods taste better than the customary method...I agree.

Nathan (SPC 4 US Army 86-88)

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