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Why are some organizations against solar cooking as a feasible means of cooking?

by Nathan Parry
(St. George, Utah)

Refugee Camp Solar Cooking

Refugee Camp Solar Cooking

This article is from a colleague of mine, Patricia McArdle, who is the Editor for Solar Cooker Review.
In it she addresses the questions of why some organizations amongst the international charitable community are so resistant to the use of solar cookers as a means to help the poor and needy in many countries where the need is great.

The article was published online at WIRED: Innovations/Insight
What's up with Solar Cooking?

Comments for Why are some organizations against solar cooking as a feasible means of cooking?

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May 12, 2017
helpful NEW
by: Anonymous

this was helpful alot

Sep 13, 2013
Supplemental cooking methods
by: James Simmons

So you get up early in the morning to walk for how ever many miles it takes to find wood. Then you load it on your back and return to your village, start a fire and prepare to cook a meal for your family. Perhaps you were able to bring enough wood home to cook another meal for that evening or even the next day or so. The next wood searching trek would be even further than the last.

Instead, before leaving on that early morning journey searching for wood you could prepare something and set it out a solar cooker knowing the food wouldn't be done until many hours later. The fact that it cooks a little slower may turn out to be a good thing.

Since nuking food in a microwave without electricity is certainly out of the question, there are few alternatives. Solar cooking should be considered as a prime alternative of cooking to supplement traditional wood stove cooking.


Here, here, I totally agree with your sentiment.
And if others would give it an honest look they also would see that it is a feasible cooking method.


Sep 04, 2013
Great article!
by: Luz E. Covarrubias

I hope more and more conscientious people will point towards cleaner and wiser solutions. It is up to us to keep insisting and voicing our thoughts about such an important issue such as it is Solar Cooking which together with Thermal Cooking has been a true blessing for many in one point or another of their lives, and for some, the only morally correct environmentally friendly way to prepare food while living a much more ecology oriented life which at this point on time, is not just a "trend" but the only way of life that would allow us to survive on a Warmed Globe, Deforested "Forests" and Dirtied Ocean.
My deepest congratulations to you Ms. Patricia McArdle.

Sep 04, 2013
London skyscraper
by: Cal Griggs

After the news articles about the London skyscraper melting cars, I don't think anyone should doubt solar cooking! If you can melt car parts, you can cook food!

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