Solar Cooker Photos and Images from St. George, Utah

Come and see our Solar Cooker Photos and Images from out of the Sunny Southwestern United States.

We would like to share with you what is happening in our little corner of the Solar Cooking World...

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My First Solar Flame Parabolic Cooker

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Our new Sun Oven Protective covers made of 1000 Denier Cordura we start selling them soon-2012

Summer Camping Solar Cooking
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July 2009, Camping at Navajo Lake above Cedar City, Utah

Sun Oven and Sport Oven at summer camp
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Our Solar Cookers did all of the hard work for us

Summer 2009, Solar cooking at home:

Solar Cooking Potatoes in Hot Pot
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My wife setting out the Beef Stew with potatoes

Content Solar Cook
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Satisfied Chef

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Opening the sport to retrieve the cookies

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Oatmeal Raisin Sol

Solar Hard Baked Eggs
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Hard boiled eggs for lunch...egg sandwiches are a favorite

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Solar Baked Chocolate chip cookies in the Tulsi Oven

A peach pie baked in the Global Sun Oven 

Solar Baked Cinammon Apples
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Baked Cinnamon apples in the Hot Pot 

More Summer 2009, Solar Cooking:

Apples are heating up with the sun in the Hot Pot

Putting on a Solar Cooked meal and demo for a Church Group:

Many Solar Cookers
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Thirteen Solar Cookers, cooking up a feast

Solar Cooker Arsenal
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Cooking up a storm in the Church parking lot

Members helping themselves at the solar buffet

Those were some good solar cooked vittles, with plenty to eat

Solar Parabolic Potatoes
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Potatoes on a parabolic, ready to boil

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Even in the summer the potatoes are steaming

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These were tasty, parabolic solar cooked, mashed potatoes

Solar Cooker Honey Popcorn
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Solar Cooker Honey Popcorn

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Solar Burner Popcorn in a whirly popper.

Solar Taquitos
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Deep Frying Taquitos

Overcooked Solar Taquitos
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Burned Taquitos, because the oil got low

Solar Cooker Lemon Cake
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solar cooked lemon cake with glaze, cooked in 1 hour

Solar Oven BBQ Chicken
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Solar Oven BBQ (sauce) chicken (bbq sauce overcooked)

Solar Oven Cherry Dump Cake
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Patricia checking on solar oven Cherry Dump Cake

Solar Oven Cherry Dump Cake
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Finished Cherry Dump Cake in Sun Oven

Solar Cooked Spanish Paella on the Solar Burner

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And more solar cooking photos

Even more solar cooking photos

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